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10 great gifts for her under $25: mom friends, family, hostess gifts, or babysitters – done!

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Ok, I’m going to say something that is probably slightly unpopular. Even with all the sugarplums, snow, parties, and festive cheer, the Holidays can be stressful. While I love the festive season as much as anyone, sometimes gift-giving ends up as just one more stressor on your list.

If you’re not worried about what you’re going to get for all 15 family members, overspending, or seasonal obligations, needing an unexpected gift is a huge hassle. The great news is it’s actually super easy to prep and have gifts for her – for almost any situation.

This gift guide roundup includes great gifts for her, all under $25 so you don’t break the bank. Every gift on the below list can even be bought in advance (ideally when you find a sale) and stocked away for the Holiday season.

Need a gift for your cousins? Check. Quick hostess gift? Check. Want to show appreciation for a friend? We’ve got you.

The best thing about these gifts is that they’re super versatile. This isn’t the place to find the perfect custom carved trinket or monogrammed gift. The beauty of the list below is that the gifts can shift where they’re needed, and will be appreciated by everyone on your list.

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10 awesome GIFTS FOR HER under $25! Click through to get great ideas for your friend, a hostess, or coworker! I'm always stumped on great gifts that won't break the bank. These awesome ideas are great to have around your house for when you need something in a pinch.

10 awesome and versatile gifts for her that won’t break the bank

Specialty lip balms or face cream

I’m looking at you, Kiehl’s. {C.O. Bigelow also works if you’re a Bath & Body Works Fan!} Get a generic mint or vanilla flavored lip balm, colorless or with a light tint. Add a small pot of moisturizing face cream and you’ve just created an elevated everyday experience for someone you want to pamper.

And no, you don’t need to get the largest size or multiple items to make a nice gift. I’ve had one tube of C.O. Bigelow lip gloss from my mother-in-law for over a year. And I use it almost every morning. It was less than $7 and was one of the best gifts I’ve gotten in years.

These are great gifts for her because you can put a small face moisturizer in a gorgeous tiny gift bag and it still packs a punch.      


Scented Candle

Yes, I know this one is overdone and a bit cliche, but that’s because it’s super easy. Just make sure you don’t choose a polarizing scent. Stick with a vanilla or holiday spice and you should be safe! Candles in great little tins or decorative glass really dress up what could be a fairly generic gift. The packaging makes all the difference on this one.


Silky scarves instantly dress up a casual outfit and can even be tied on a purse to give it some pump. Bonus, you don’t need to worry about sizing or if she already has one, because you can never have too many scarves!     


Luxury Body Care Gift Set

Some of these may be over $25, but they’re close. And these are great sets to stock up on and keep in your closet for those times you really want something substantial to give away. They’re also universally popular so if you need a gift in a pinch, this is a great option.  


Fancy Soap Set

A great hostess gift or gift for someone you don’t know as well is a fancy soap, as it can always be used for guest bathrooms. Many people won’t go out and spend the time finding upscale looking soap but appreciate this type of gift. While not the most personal, at the very least, it will get used!   

Nail Polish Set

This doesn’t need a lot of explanation and is great for a teacher, babysitter, or extended family member you want to grab something for. Who doesn’t love nail polish? And a variety pack is a great way to make sure you’re getting at least one color they’ll love.      


Gold Bangle

A delicate bangle is a timeless accessory that almost any woman will love. It can dress up a casual outfit or stack with some bling for more pizzazz. This versatile gift will cover a lot of people on your list.   



This one is probably the most tricky on the list as it can be harder to choose based on personal style. However, if you find something you love at a great price, pick one up. You’ll find someone to give it to, and worst-case scenario, at least you know you like it!

It’s definitely better to reserve these types of gifts for people you know so you feel confident they’ll like what you’re purchasing.     


Wine Glass

Another great hostess gift or gift for your BFF, they’ll always think of you when drinking out of these babies. If you find awesome glasses with cute sayings on them, stock up in the off-season so you can hand them out for the Holidays.

Fun Mug (Preferably filled with something delicious)

This is a second option along the lines of a wine glass, but more appropriate if you’re not sure if your recipient indulges in wine. Think teachers or people you don’t know well. Alcohol and related gifts can be tricky, so if you want to play it safer, cool mugs are an awesome option. Bonus points if you fill them with candy or other homemade treats.   


Grabbing a few of these gifts throughout the year or early in the season will help relieve some of that last-minute stress if you need to scramble for a gift. Buying when they’re on sale is even better so you save some cash as well. Hopefully by making a few clicks above you’re able to catch some extra rest this season!

Happy shopping!

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