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Thanks for stopping by to check out The Mamma’s List. 

I’m a working mom of two trying to get things done and stay caught up as life rushes by.  I hate the feeling of being behind and am constantly trying new strategies to get more efficient and productive, both at work and at home.

I love sharing anything that has worked for us on our parenting journey. Here you’ll find parenting tips and products that have helped me survive this mom gig.

The Mamma’s List has information on all the baby phases, products and milestones, as well as organization and productivity tips I use to keep us all on track. I’m a big believer in all things that drive efficiency because I found out pretty quickly that moms have no time.

I graduated with my MBA in 2012 and have been a brand marketer at a Fortune 500 company since then by day. I’m an online shopper, product researcher and travel planner after bedtime. As a new mom, combining all those roles was a lot. I felt like I’d never be successful at anything again.

After coming out of the newborn haze, I realized I wanted to help new moms get through the challenging transition with more peace and grace than I allowed myself.  

My goal with The Mamma’s List is to take some of the research and guesswork that comes from parenting off your plate so you can spend more time doing what you love, with who you love.

The daddy behind The Mamma’s List is pretty fantastic – and although he has supported me in everything I’ve ever pursued – says that my lists have lists, (hence, The Mamma’s List) and threatens weekly to ban Pinterest from my computer so I don’t get any more ideas. 

We have two lovely little ladies, and my oldest is who inspired me to create this blog. As I entered motherhood, my entire world was turned upside down. Through the transition of redefining myself as a mom, I felt like I spent half my life on Google trying to navigate through the newborn phase. The other half of my life was spent wondering if I’d ever sleep for more than two hours in a row again. 

So, once I was through the newborn phase and felt a little more stable, I became super passionate about helping other new moms make it through the transition. I started this blog and haven’t looked back. You’ll find a ton of resources here from pregnancy through the toddler years. I love talking to readers, so always feel free to reach out if you have questions!

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Customer Review

My postpartum journey was extremely difficult. WAY more difficult than I ever imagined it would be. I thought, “Women have had babies since the beginning of time. It can’t be THAT hard!” Boy was I wrong. After reviewing {the Conquering Postpartum course} I can honestly say that it is legit, solid help for the hardest of times in the fourth trimester. If I had had this information earlier, I would have had so much more confidence as a new mom. I wouldn’t have had to spend my precious awake time googling while crying, or calling my friends for help in the middle of the night. You will not regret signing up. It’s everything you need and want to know to be a new mom who is rocking the postpartum phase!

– Tracey S. 

Bailey E.

Carly’s {Breastfeeding Breakthrough} e-book provides anxiety relieving advice, and a wealth of information in one convenient, well organized place. I found her advice about tongue ties and supply issues to be especially helpful for nursing twins!

Victoria A.

WOW! What an excellent book. It’s the book I wish I would have had when I was about to give birth.  I was so worried about lack of supply that I wasn’t prepared for the painful engorgement that happened. If you’re worried that this book will preach and make you feel guilty about failing to do something – no, it won’t. It’s actual, concrete help.  As a pediatrician, I’d recommend this to my patients too. I’m glad it talks about mental health. Too often we’re made to feel as if we need to choose between breastfeeding and our mental health. This book shows we don’t need to choose one or the other. The answer to breastfeeding problems is not to stop breastfeeding, but to get help with the problem. It also didn’t take me long to read.  Thank you, Carly, for this!

Lee B.

The Breastfeeding Breakthrough Ebook is such a valuable resource. As a new mom I struggled so much with breastfeeding at first. What I love about the guide is that it covers literally everything you need to make breastfeeding a success. There’s so much information out there about breastfeeding, and it’s so overwhelming. This guide has all you need to know, all in one place. I love that there are visuals included, so you know exactly what to do in terms of the best breastfeeding positions and latching techniques.