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The top 10 BEST baby books for infants

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I think we all know how important it is to read to our kids, but many of us don’t know what the right books are for each age group. Your kids learn SO much from watching and mimicking you – and yes, from the books that you read. Choosing the right books helps facilitate development, and you’ll have fun doing it! I’ve rounded up the 10 best baby books for infants. Here are a few books that make it easy to bond with your child, and are developmentally friendly!

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HINT: If you need a great baby shower gift, why not try one from each category, labeling them for the mom-to-be? We also have a post on the best books for toddlers, so snag one from there as well!

Best Baby Books for infants birth to six months old

At this phase, your baby is just getting used to the sound of your voice and is exploring with his or her senses. Short books with rhythmic language or textures you can rub on your baby’s skin will be very engaging during this time frame. Novels probably aren’t where you want to start, unless you’re reading for pleasure when baby falls asleep nursing 🙂

Never Touch a Monster

Peek a boo forest

Set of Crinkle Books

Best baby books for infants six to twelve months

Once your baby is a few months old you can really begin to foster the habit of reading and a love of books. Board books are a big hit at this age as they can go right in the mouth. Turning pages also helps with dexterity and motor skill development.

The “Where’s Spot” lift the flap book is really fun and helps baby learn about hidden things. However, once you get to the grabby phase, you may want to put this one away for a while if you want the flaps to stay in the book. Of course, these books move well beyond one year, but we noticed our little one had interest in these before some of the books we graduated into during toddlerhood. 

Goodnight Moon

Baby Einstein Small Board Books

I love my mommy because

Where’s Spot?

First 100 Words

What’s Wrong Little Pookie?

10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes

Reading with your child is a great way to bond and is obviously good for their development. Choosing age-appropriate books helps build new skills and allows you to interact in a fun way.

If you start with a book and your baby isn’t interested, come back to it a month or so later. So many of our fan favorites were tossed on the floor early on. Reading early and often will help foster a lifelong love of books, an amazing gift you can easily give your child.

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Our favorite infant books that were huge hits the entire first year. Reading to your children is an amazing way to bond and help them grow, and is a fun activity for the early days. Baby books and reading also help with sensory development as they touch and turn pages. Check out these awesome recommendations on the 10 BEST baby books for infants!

Happy reading!

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  1. Amazing post thanks you for sharing ,i’m very confused what kind of books to buy for my nephew and I was looking for a useful books which can encourage him in learning, these are really the perfect for him. Hope he would love to learn from them.

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