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Birth, Babywearing, and Breastfeeding: MommyCon Philadelphia Review

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Hi Mammas! I attended my first MommyCon in Philadelphia in July. I was really excited to attend since it seemed like there would be some awesome vendors. They’ve had a history of great speakers, and I love talking about the three B’s – Birth, Babywearing, and Breastfeeding! It seemed like I’d learn a lot and it would be a great fit. I was really looking forward to checking it out. While I think it would be great for infant moms, I ended up leaving a little disappointed. This could have been because I had pretty high expectations. If you’re thinking of heading to a MommyCon in your area read on to find out if it’s for you.

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First off – I was underwhelmed by the whole experience. To be fair, I went with a friend and we didn’t spend a ton of time in the sessions so I may have just done it wrong. The potty training session we listened to did have some interesting nuggets. However, when I found out that the speaker was the creator of one of the products she was talking about it felt a little salesy. Her information was good, and I have no problem with someone promoting their product. I just wasn’t expecting it. We were there with toddlers and I think the event was much more geared towards infants. That said, I DO think there is an audience for MommyCon and that it would be great for some people.

Who should go

This would be a really good event for new moms, anyone interested in babywearing and trying out a million kinds of carriers, and anyone who is nervous to breastfeed in public.

There were more babies and toddlers in this place than at a paw patrol live. (Ok, maybe not more than at paw patrol, but you get the idea.)  If you’re nervous to breastfeed in public this will make you feel right at home. There were people nursing all over the place and it was totally normal.

This is also a great event for new moms to get out and meet up with other mom friends. If you’re worried about going out with a baby or toddler for fear of crying in public or tantrums, this is a good place to try. Everyone here gets it. I didn’t bring my little lady and was in the minority. Luckily, I went with a friend and she let me borrow her baby and stroller so I felt like I fit in better.

The Best of MommyCon

The biggest value-add I saw was in the babywearing room, where they literally had almost every kind of carrier/wrap/sling you could want – AND you could try them all on. It’s so hard to know what fits your body or what your baby will like, so having the ability to try them out in real time would have been awesome as a new mom.

mommycon babywearing

Baby carriers can be expensive and you’ll likely end up with more than one for different purposes. It’s usually frowned upon to just open up the boxed baby carriers at Target and stick your baby inside. Trying them on beforehand eliminates so many problems. Definitely worth checking out the babywearing room if you’re in the market for a carrier.

baby carrier table

Overall as a mom of a two-year-old, I didn’t feel like the event was worth the price of admission, but I’m also pretty price sensitive. If I’d had a newborn or the sessions/products were more toddler focused I’d have thought it was a better fit. I did have a good time, and would absolutely enjoy going again. However, I wouldn’t pay $30 again unless I was going with an infant. My reco for new moms: grab some girls and make a day of it. Make sure you pack (or pick up) some lunch and enjoy some girl time with the babies.

Hope this helps you decide if MommyCon is right for you!

MommyCon is all about the three B’s - Birth, Babywearing, and Breastfeeding! If you’re thinking of heading to a MommyCon in your area read on to find out should go, and who should stay home. MommyCon is fun, but it isn't for everyone. Check out if you should attend!

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