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Have you ever wanted to quit breastfeeding because you thought you'd never figure it out? Do you wonder why it seems like it's so much harder for you than other moms?

Breastfeeding Breakthrough: From Stuck to Success, will help you overcome all the problems you’re facing as a new breastfeeding mom. It covers: 
  • Nipple pain relief
  • Latch and positioning techniques 
  • An overview of breast milk supply and how to boost supply
  • Engorgement, plugged ducts, or Mastitis
  • Tongue or Lip Ties
  • Getting your breastfed baby to take a bottle 
  • Plus a BONUS chapter on PPD/PPA

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Does this sound like you?

🍼 You’re exhausted and so sleep deprived you don’t know what day it is half the time.

🍼 You’re constantly worried your baby isn’t getting enough milk. 

🍼 You’re in the trenches of cluster feeding and just need a break.


Breastfeeding is SO much harder than you ever imagined. While you were pregnant you only heard about all the benefits of breastfeeding your baby. Your pediatrician touts breast is best. 

But then your baby was born, and breastfeeding has been a challenge from day one. From painful and cracked nipples, a terrible latch, to engorgement and plugged ducts, the road has been anything but easy. So many moms suffer through this part alone, and never make it to the joyful bonding experience that breastfeeding should be. 

You’re a sleep-deprived mom who just wants the best for her baby. You want to provide the optimal nutrition and get the bonding from breastfeeding, but if feels like one challenge after another.

No one told you it was going to be this hard.


🤱 You’ve thought about quitting more than once, but each time you convince yourself to keep going. You feel like you’ll be the worst mom ever if you give up before you really get started. 

🤱 What you really want is to just figure out breastfeeding so that you can feel like you’re a good mom without having to be in pain all the time. 

🤱 You want to KNOW you can provide an adequate amount of breast milk for your baby, bond with your newborn, and not have to worry about mastitis. 

You too can be one of those breastfeeding  moms who loves the experience. In the Breastfeeding Breakthrough Ebook, we teach you how to do this and more…

What if there was a guide that could help you identify where your issues are with breastfeeding and could help you through them, allowing you to push through the initial adjustment phase of learning to breastfeed?

Imagine if… 

🍼 You no longer had toe-curling pain every time your baby latched from your cracked and sore nipples

🍼 You were able to deal with the engorgement so that you didn’t have to worry about plugged ducts or mastitis

🍼 You didn’t have massive anxiety over whether your baby was getting enough milk

🍼 Your baby took a bottle so that you could get more than two hours of sleep at a time

Breastfeeding Breakthrough: From Stuck to Success will help you...

👶 Relieve your nipple pain so that you can enjoy breastfeeding

👶 With latch and positioning techniques to reduce your discomfort

👶 Manage your anxiety around whether baby is getting enough milk by reviewing supply

👶 With tips to boost your supply if you truly need to make more milk 

👶 Understand tongue and lip ties and their impact on problems like weight gain, painful feeding, and plugged ducts

👶 Get your breastfed baby to take a bottle so that you can have a little more freedom 


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A 40+ Page Ebook

Your PDF download includes information on breastfeeding basics like supply and demand, how to boost your supply, as well as key information on how to deal with the most common breastfeeding challenges. No, you’re not alone in thinking this is hard! 

Two BONUS Videos

You’ll also get two bonus videos as a thank you for purchasing. You’ll get answers on how I built a freezer stash to 500+ oz. before going back to work, as well as 10 tips for getting your breastfed baby to sleep through the night.

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You'll also get access to our Facebook group where I answer all your breastfeeding questions.

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And if you still have questions, just ask! 

Access to the Facebook group alone is worth the cost of the product. Post all your questions there to get real answers from moms who have been through it. Tag me and I’ll respond directly!

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