butt hiccups and other weird pregnancy symptoms

Butt Hiccups: The strangest feeling when your baby hiccups low in the womb

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Butt Hiccups: The strangest feeling when your baby hiccups low in the womb

Hi Mamma! Today I want to talk about the weirdness of pregnancy. There are a million crazy things going on in your body as your little one grows and develops. One of the strangest things to happen to me was when my baby turned head down, and I started to feel her hiccups very low, sometimes even in my butt.

After undergoing the extreme exhaustion and sickness of the first trimester, then the stretching, bloating, and general fun that occurs as you really start to expand, you’d expect to be prepared for whatever pregnancy throws at you.

I thought I was getting the hang of the whole pregnancy thing too, but I was wrong. One of the weirdest things that happened during pregnancy hit me in my third trimester. And it was butt hiccups.

fetal hiccups in the womb

What does it feel like when your baby has hiccups? Are fetal hiccups even felt in your butt?

Ok – I know. It sounds crazy. Hiccups come from your diaphragm. How the heck can you feel them in your butt?

I’m not actually talking about hiccups that YOU get. I’m talking about fetal hiccups. The baby hiccups that happen in utero while your little one is still cooking. They’re sort of cute when you feel them for the first time in the womb.

Then, if you’re like me, your baby starts to get the hiccups every day. Your belly may even begin to visibly shake once your baby gets large enough. I was able to deal with all that. It wasn’t always fun, but was no worse than feeling like I got stabbed with a well-placed kick.

What I WASN’T prepared for was what happened when my baby turned head down.

During the latter part of my pregnancy, my baby was still getting hiccups every day. You will likely start to feel your baby hiccup even stronger as you get into your third trimester. One day I was going about my business and guys – I swear – my butt started to hiccup.

I was used to feeling the hiccups pretty high and only knew when my little moved if I got more jabs in one spot. All of a sudden she’d moved down and likely rotated. Her altered position combined with hiccups literally made it feel like I had hiccups in my tush.

For reasons on why baby hiccups, check out this article from The Bump.

Where do you normally feel fetal hiccups? I feel baby’s hiccups in my bum.

Typically baby hiccups feel like rhythmic thumping somewhere in your stomach. I had them high up on my left side for a while, but the location will change depending on how your baby is positioned. You might even see small twitches of your skin in conjunction with the hiccups.

If you’ve never had baby hiccuping in your butt, you likely won’t be able to describe it. If you have had it happen, you totally understand the concept of “butt hiccups.” It was insane.

You will know if this happens to you as there really isn’t any other explanation for what’s going on. The rhythmic hiccups and bumps you felt at the top of your belly (or sometimes on the side) have moved all the way down.

You can feel them low in your back closer to your butt. At first, I was convinced something was really wrong since I’d never felt her in that position before. As I moved through my last weeks of pregnancy I got more comfortable with what was going on, but gone were the cute little rhythmic bumps of the early days.

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Should I worry when I feel my baby hiccup?

Nope. They’re totally normal. Baby’s hiccups in the womb are actually a good sign that they’re able to inhale and exhale the amniotic fluid, and that their diaphragm is developing.

BUT I’ll caveat. If you feel an increase in your baby’s hiccups after 32 weeks, or she’s hiccuping more than four times a day you should check in with your OB.

There is a small possibility that you have an umbilical cord issue that is causing the hiccups, but in general, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Fetal hiccups are incredibly common, and the frequency varies from mom to mom and baby to baby. If you’ve been feeling your baby hiccup most of your pregnancy, you probably don’t have anything to worry about.

How can I get rid of fetal hiccups?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a great answer for this one. Hiccups are a normal part of your baby’s development and are one of the most common movements babies make. They’re actually a good sign as long as they’ve been occurring regularly and aren’t spontaneous at the very end of your pregnancy.

However, if the hiccups are really uncomfortable, you can try changing positions, moving, or eating or drinking something. It’s possible that the new stimulation may give your baby something else to do 🙂

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Why the heck did you write an entire post about feeling baby your baby hiccup in the womb?

Mamma – I’m telling you this so you don’t freak out. Because I definitely did the first time I felt butt hiccups. I had no idea what I was feeling and was convinced my baby’s hiccups had gone off the reservation.

Nothing crazy is happening and hopefully your little one will move a bit before the next bout so you can get some relief. They aren’t comfortable!

This is just another one of the joys of pregnancy, but nothing to be alarmed about. Just take a deep breath and push through. If you make it to the phase of having butt hiccups you’re getting much closer to actually meeting your little one. The baby is probably head down and getting lower. Just hang tight!

If you’ve ever experienced butt hiccups, let me know in the comments below. Feel free to pin or share this post and let other mammas know that what they’re feeling is normal 🙂

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What it feels like when your baby hiccups low in the womb, or in your bum.

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  1. Yes! Baby’s hiccups are bouncing off my butt! Such a strange sensation and have only felt it with this fourth pregnancy. Been in prodromal labor for two days, each day more intense. I had never imagined this was possible. And you’re right-it’s hard to describe. Glad to have found this post because I can’t find much on it. Now it’s obvious how far down this baby has gone in the last day. Thx for the article.

  2. I’m 23 weeks and I get butt hiccups! My boyfriend thought I was crazy when I said it felt like the baby just kicked my butt lol. Glad it’s normal to feel it there I was kinda worried about it.

  3. I’m 31 weeks and have had this happening for the past 2 weeks. It feels like a rhythmic pulsing inside my body near my butt. I feel the hiccups on my belly as well – so pulsing in two different places at the same time. I’m pretty sure it’s the baby’s bottom moving from the hiccups. Did you get that as well?

  4. At 36 weeks and just experienced my first butt hiccups! Thanks so much for posting, it’s definitely put my mind at ease about it!

  5. I don’t have butt hiccup but can feel my baby hiccup several times a day at 37 weeks in my lower abdomen. It happened from 34 weeks and I went to see my doctor and they are saying there is nothing wrong with my baby except that there are two cords around the neck.
    Since yours was an old post I just wanted to ask you if you and your baby had any complications due to frequent hiccup

    1. Hi there! I had no complications due to the hiccups. As long as your doctor knows and you’re still feeling your baby move, I would try not to stress about it. As hard as it is, you just have to breathe and trust that everything is OK. Good luck with your delivery – those pesky hiccups will be where you can hear them soon 🙂

  6. Been getting the butt hiccups. Such a bizarre feeling. I kind of hate it. They freak me out.

    1. I totally agree! It felt so strange and really uncomfortable at times. Luckily I only got what I felt were true “butt hiccups” for a month or so before my baby moved again. And, I never got them with baby #2! Hopefully they pass for you soon Jacqueline!

  7. Literally just had them, freaked out and googled it lol, I’m 32 weeks 2 days! Very strange feeling, took me a second to figure out what was going on! Thank you for posting this?

    1. It takes you by surprise the first time, and I literally couldn’t think of what else to call it! Glad you liked the article – and hopefully they stop soon!

  8. I’m 31 weeks and just had the butt hiccups! Lol I actually Googled “feeling baby kicking in my butt” and was shocked by how many forums there are with women describing the butt hiccups! It feels like muscle spasms in your butt!! Haha. Pregnancy is crazy!!

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I know! The first time I got them I literally thought something crazy was happening, and had to google what was going on. At least once you know what it is you aren’t as freaked out, but seriously, it feels like every day there’s a new thing to deal with!

  9. I couldn’t figure out how to explain the way they feel to my mom and after reading this, I had to tell her! My little one just had them not even 5 minutes ago and then I read this!

    1. Hi Cindy – it’s such a weird feeling and I wasn’t sure what to call it at first either! Definitely glad someone else can relate 🙂

  10. So glad I’m not the only one! Died when I saw the title of this post bc I knew exactly what your were about to talk about. 41 weeks today and the butt hiccups are REAL!

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