Conquering Postpartum

Your ultimate guide to getting ready for a baby. Everything you need to know to survive the newborn phase.

Do you have mini panic attacks when you think about the fact that your baby will be here in just a few short months?

Between getting the nursery ready, making sure you don't eat deli meat, and trying to pick the perfect items for your registry, you're feeling totally overwhelmed.

Not to mention the fact that you'll probably never sleep again. If this feels familiar, then keep scrolling...

maternity leave

Let's get real for a second mamma. Does this sound like you?

If this sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place.

It's not like you don't want to be excited about your new arrival. You've stopped drinking and eating sushi (pour one out for the tuna rolls), started thinking about a gender reveal party, and even subscribed to ten different pregnancy podcasts you haven't gotten around to opening yet.

I’m here to tell you. It’s not your fault. 


It’s 100% ok to not be excited all the time, or to feel ready for your new baby right now. You’re not the only pregnant mom-to-be who doesn’t “have this.” 

Your hormones are a mess, and you’re probably even a bit resentful of the baby that’s taken over your body. 

You’ve been subsisting on ginger ale and saltines, trying to muster up the strength to get off the couch long enough to work a little. 

And all the typical steps for baby prep (make a registry, paint the nursery, and a four hour labor class) just aren’t enough to make us Type A planners feel truly ready. 

We want to feel truly confident before making a big change. We’re not the fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants, figure it out later types. Especially when it comes to adding a new baby in the mix. 


To feel truly prepared for a new baby and ready to rock it as a mom, you need a plan. A foolproof system that guarantees you’ve got your entire life ready for a new baby. 


After going through the Conquering Postpartum material and live Q&A sessions, you’ll…


In the Conquering Postpartum baby prep course you’ll get a six-step plan guaranteed to take you from overwhelmed and unprepared to calm, confident, and ready to be a mom. It’s the program that tackles getting every aspect of your life ready for a new baby.

Here’s what Tracey had to say…

My postpartum journey was extremely difficult. WAY more difficult than I ever imagined it would be. I thought, “Women have had babies since the beginning of time. It can’t be THAT hard!” Boy was I wrong. After reviewing this course, I can honestly say that it is legit, solid help for the hardest of times in the fourth trimester. If I had had this information earlier, I would have had so much more confidence as a new mom. I wouldn’t have had to spend my precious awake time googling while crying, or calling my friends for help in the middle of the night. You will not regret signing up. It’s everything you need and want to know to be a new mom who is rocking the postpartum phase!

– Tracey S. –


These six critical lessons focus on core elements of setting your life up for a new baby.

Breastfeeding 101

You’ll be set up for success to begin your breastfeeding relationship. We’ll cover the mechanics of breastfeeding, the importance of a fast start (and how to get there) and resources to review to ensure you’re fully ready to feed that new baby. We’ll get you hooked up with the best breastfeeding products and you’ll set up your nursing station to be ready when your baby comes home. 

Baby Sleep Basics

In this lesson you’ll get prepared for the reality of sleep with a newborn {no, it’s not just that you’ll never sleep again} and come up with strategies to cope with the exhaustion. Key elements of this section include feeding, growth spurts, sleep regressions, and sleep help you can get if you’re struggling.

Building a Baby Budget

To truly prepare your finances, you’ll create your baby item budget, review your overall household budget, and come up with a plan to tackle unpaid maternity leave. All this financial information brings so much power as a new mom. After this section, you’ll never have to fight with your significant other about money again. 

Baby Proofing

But not in the traditional sense. This lesson is about “baby proofing” your life to get it ready to deal with the reality of a newborn. It sets you up to run your life on autopilot so that a baby doesn’t make everything go haywire. It includes how to prep the nursery, get your medicine cabinet ready, and find non-toxic products. I’ll also give you the secret to making household chores and meal prep a cinch.

Newborn Care

Here you’ll learn what to expect the first two weeks at home. Because guess what mamma? They’ll let you take that baby home whether you know what you’re doing or not! We’ll review everything you’re stressing about including umbilical cord and circumcision care, skin issues like cradle cap and baby acne, cutting the baby’s fingernails, bathing, blowout tips and tricks, how to burp, and how to handle the witching hour.

Postpartum Recovery

The last lesson (but one of the most important) focuses on physical healing and postpartum care for both vaginal and c-section deliveries — because you never know! We’ll set up your postpartum care kit, and do a deep dive on the Baby Blues versus Postpartum Depression, and Postpartum Anxiety. Finally, I’ll let you know some of the emergency signs you need to call your doctor.

This course will be released over six weeks with lesson one dropping December 6, 2021. Each section has an online lesson and materials, plus three LIVE trainings and Q&A via Zoom as you're going through the course.

**If you're due before the end of the course, read the FAQ!

*Don’t worry, we’ll figure out a way to get you all the material on time*

Don’t make your postpartum experience harder than it has to be. I don’t want you crying on the floor of the nursery at 38 weeks because you’re so overwhelmed with everything you have left to do.

Becoming a first-time mom is a HUGE change. Even if you think you’re prepared because you’re taking a birth class, there’s more to preparing for a child than labor. 

A huge mistake moms-to-be make is forgetting to prepare for when you actually HAVE the child. 


But this doesn’t have to be you.

NOW is the time to take action. It’s not time to prepare the week before bringing your baby home. If you want to be totally confident and READY for your baby. Start now.


🤱 Doesn’t have to call her mom or three friends at 2 a.m. the first week home because she isn’t sure what to do when the umbilical cord falls off

🤱 Is not only excited about the challenge of learning to breastfeed, but also has a breastfeeding baby that surpasses birth weight at the two-week appointment 

🤱 Has time for a date night with her significant other three weeks postpartum because she’s already done everything to keep the house running 

🤱 Doesn’t even need to check the bank account balance before ordering a cart full of baby supplies on Amazon because she’s so on top of all her baby finances


Hi, I’m Carly!

I’m the founder of The Mamma’s List and creator of Conquering Postpartum: The Ultimate Baby Prep Course to Help you Survive (and Thrive) in the “4th” Trimester.  

As a first-time-mom, I was a hot mess the first few months home with a baby. I did nothing to prepare for the fourth trimester (first three months postpartum) other than one in person breastfeeding class. While pregnant, I focused mainly on my registry and labor and figured I’d wing the rest. I didn’t even really know I could or SHOULD prepare for actually having a baby at home. 


This was a big mistake. I am a huge planner, as well as a type A personality who really likes checking items off my to-do list. Being home with a newborn where my only official “output” was to breastfeed 24/7, change 15 diapers a day, and try not to get spit up all over the couch was REALLY hard for me. 


I felt like my life was totally out of control, and I was hugely unprepared for the massive hormone shifts that occur immediately after having a baby. After going through it (twice) I knew there had to be a better way to make the transition to motherhood. 


I’ve been super passionate about helping new moms since I started The Mamma’s List in 2017, and CONQUERING POSTPARTUM is my signature course designed to help you go from pregnancy through postpartum with grace — or as much grace as possible 🙂 


I took everything I wished I’d done before I had a baby the first time, and put it in a course to help make your life easier. My second postpartum experience was SO much different from the first, because I was prepared and I knew what to expect.


I want that for you. I want you to have the smoothest transition into motherhood possible. Yes, there will be tears. It won’t be all sunshine and roses. But it doesn’t have to be terrible.  And CONQUERING POSTPARTUM  will get you ready. 

Learn how to set up your life for a new baby and get confident you’re prepared for the postpartum period.

More good news. It’s risk free. If the course isn’t useful or doesn’t help you, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked. Just email me after the first module. It doesn’t get any easier than that!



BONUS #1: Access to The Registry Fairy mini-course

How to build and share the perfect baby registry for your family, with items you’ll love for years. Plus The Mamma’s List’s top registry picks.

A $39 value!

BONUS #2: 

Breastfeeding Breakthrough: From Stuck to Success Ebook

A quick-start guide to breastfeeding success with  tips and tricks for common breastfeeding problems. 

A $39 value!

BONUS #3: 

FREE 30 minute coaching session for the first 10 students in the course.

We’ll create your personalized plan to walk through Conquering Postpartum for maximum benefit. 

A $129 value!

My postpartum journey was extremely difficult. WAY more difficult than I ever imagined it would be. I thought, “Women have had babies since the beginning of time. It can’t be THAT hard!” Boy was I wrong. After reviewing this course, I can honestly say that it is legit, solid help for the hardest of times in the fourth trimester. If I had had this information earlier, I would have had so much more confidence as a new mom. I wouldn’t have had to spend my precious awake time googling while crying, or calling my friends for help in the middle of the night. You will not regret signing up. It’s everything you need and want to know to be a new mom who is rocking the postpartum phase!

– Tracey S. –






What if I’m already doing a lot of prep for my baby? I’ve looked up about 1,000 products for my registry, and i'm really busy.

This is a common trap many moms-to-be fall into. They spend all their time preparing for the baby and for THINGS the baby needs, and no time at all preparing for how they’ll deal with things once the baby comes home. The postpartum period is HARD, and without prep it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and feel out of control after birth. Spending time to get prepared for your new arrival is the BEST way to make the fourth trimester easier. I promise, you won’t be wasting your time if you get set up to make things easier postpartum. I’m also making the content easy to digest, and the LIVE Q&A means you can always just pop in and get your questions answered immediately. You’ll also get access to the replays to watch on your own time if you can’t make it.

I’m due before I'll GEt through the full course. is this still worth it for me?

Yes, just email me so I can release all the information to you at once. I’m going to be doing a single session live training for anyone due before they can get through the full six week of lessons that includes ALL the course information — just to ensure you get all the material. You’ll also be able to get the lessons and come to the weekly calls until you give birth. As long as you’re not due in the next two weeks, you should still have time to access the material and get enough value. If you’re interested, shoot me your due date and I’ll let you know if this is worth it. There’s a handy chat box at the bottom of the screen where you can reach me. 


What if I don’t have a lot of money to spend? I’m already strapped just thinking about all the stuff to buy.

Part of the course is getting a handle on your budget so you’re confident you can actually afford a kid. Understanding your finances and setting up a budget will be one of the most important things you do so that you’re not worried about money with a newborn. This section is probably worth the cost of the entire course for the headache it will save you in the long run.

Why do I need to prepare? People have been doing this for thousands of years. I’ll just wing it.

This is something you’ve never done before. The shift in your entire life is massive. Combining this with the hormone rush of postpartum and breastfeeding makes the first few weeks and months home with a baby HARD. It’s so much easier if you’re ready for the changes and have set up your life to make everything as easy as possible during a challenging time.

I’m already taking a labor class / BREASTFEEDING class/ newborn care class. Why do I need this one?

This course won’t cover how to get the baby out. You definitely need someone else to tell you how to do that. I will cover breastfeeding basics and troubleshooting, but will also provide recommendations for other resources if you need anything more comprehensive. Breastfeeding is only one part of having a successful postpartum experience. You may already know how to change a diaper and have seen the mechanics of latching, but this course prepares your entire ecosystem for a new baby. We’ll cover how to set up your house and make everything easy (short of sending you a personal chef), how to set up a budget so you aren’t stressed about money, and how to mentally prepare for breastfeeding, delivery, and the lack of sleep and life with a newborn. You won’t get this information in a newborn care or breastfeeding specific class.

WHAT If i don't like the class?

I always want you to be 100% satisfied with anything you purchase from me. I am REALLY picky with what I buy and consume, so I’d hope that all my students get a ton of value out of my courses as well. If you aren’t satisfied with the course after the first lesson, and don’t feel like we’re a good fit, I offer a full refund, no questions asked. I really don’t think you’ll need it, but if you don’t find value in the course, the bonuses, or the support group, you can easily request a refund. Just email me with your name and the email address you purchased with, and I’ll give you your money back.

I want you to always be 100% satisfied with the value I'm giving you. If for any reason you feel like this course isn't for you - feel free to cancel for a full refund after the first module, no questions asked.

So go ahead. Hit the button. You and your indecisive, anxiety-ridden, google-obsessed self. This course was made for you. Get ready to get confident. Be prepared. Because you can do this. You won’t be alone.

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