diaper deals and what price to stock up

Diaper Deals: How to stock up with massive savings

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Hi all! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite tips as a first time mom on how to save money on diapers. My diaper strategy combines two of my favorite things — shopping and great deals! I love saving money on diapers as they are something you can’t ever seem to get enough of with a new baby. You also won’t ever have buyers remorse, and can always find someone to use them if you happen to go up a size before you run out. Here’s how I keep a stockpile and never pay more than 20¢ per diaper.

I’m a big believer in diaper couponing as it doesn’t require a ton of effort, and the savings are HUGE. In general you’ll pay 22¢-30¢ per diaper pending the size without a sale. I’ve gotten diapers as low as 3¢  but typically pay from 16-19¢ each now that we’re in size three. Compounding over time with the amount of diapers you’ll need in the early years, you can save some serious cash with this strategy!

Use the graphic below for a handy reference of a great sale price by size! (And don’t forget to share on Pinterest!)

Diaper Deals _ Stock up Price by Size
sounds great… but where can I snag those prices?

Friends, this may sound strange, but the best places I’ve found for sales are Drug stores. I get a lot of great deals at both CVS and Rite Aid, combining coupons with Extra Care Bucks and Plenti Points. Although buying in bulk is really convenient, I’ve actually found the best deals to be in the drug store with their jumbo packs (typically 18-36 count pending the size). Remember, it’s not the number of diapers you’re getting, it’s the price per diaper that matters. 

Here is my Mamma’s List for how to get the best deals on diapers:

  1. When you notice your stockpile running low (at least a couple of weeks before you run out of diapers) visit krazycouponlady.com and go to the  Deals tab in the header bar, and select the baby category.
  2. Go into the baby category and look for the weekly article called “baby supplies roundup.” If you’re later in the week you may have to scroll down a little. Once you’ve opened the article you’ll be able to scroll through the retailers in your area and look for the best diaper prices available that week.
  3. Print out all the coupons required for your deal. In the description it will tell you how many you need of each. You may need to use a couple of different internet browsers to print all the coupons you need. Make sure to load any applicable coupons to your card, and don’t forget your loyalty card as it’s required to get the best deal on your purchase.
  4. Load or bring a copy of the store’s coupon policy with you. If you get questions or are having trouble getting your deal, make sure to show the cashier or store manager the coupon policy so you don’t miss out on great savings!

What does a “great deal” look like?

Well, I’m glad you want to know! Although I’ve gotten even better deals when stacking coupons (you’re able to use rebate apps — (checkout 51 & Ibotta) combined with coupons.com, a $5 off $25 CVS coupon for diapers, etc.) the most recent hot price I got was this week at Rite Aid. Here’s what it looked like:

  • Sale price of Huggies diapers was $8.49, and if you purchased $30 you got 1,000 plenti points, which is basically $10 back.
  • Use two $2 off coupons from coupons.com on two jumbo packs of huggies diapers
  • Then use one $2 off load-2-card Rite Aid coupon off one jumbo pack of huggies diapers
  • Use $2 off coupon from coupons.com for Huggies goodnites pull-ups
  • On krazycouponlady it said I could also submit for an Ibotta rebate, but Rite Aid didn’t work for me, so I missed that part of the deal

I was able to get three jumbo packs of diapers and 2T pullups (105 diapers because I bought both size 3 and size 4) and only paid 16¢ each. If you stock up every time you see a great buy while you’re pregnant or in the early months, you’ll never be forced to pay full retail because you run out.

Diapers are SO expensive. Check out how we stock pile diapers when they're on sale to snag all the diaper deals available. If you know when and how to buy them, you can get brand name diapers for less than $0.20 each, more than 50% off retail price. Don't pay full price for the 10-12 diapers a day you'll need for your newborn. Stock up on diaper deals now!


Let me know of any other great diaper savings ideas as we’re nowhere near potty training at this point!


Diaper Deals _ Stock up Price by Size

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