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Easy toddler activities you can do with a baby at home

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If you’re expecting your second baby I’m sure you’re wondering how you’re going to integrate a new little member in your family. I know I am. We just got to the point where our daughter loves toddler activities, and is playing lots of games with us and doing puzzles. 

I feel like I can finally take a step back and breathe once in awhile. Which is going to be great since I’ll soon have a new baby I need to take care of. I want to ensure my toddler is busy having fun while I’m taking care of a newborn, so I rounded up some of the best toddler activities from around the web to prepare for baby’s arrival. 

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Here is the full list of toddler activities I rounded up from across the web!

30 Easy Activities to Cure Toddler Boredom

From Itty Bitty Sunshine

Bean Bin Transfer

We did this with our little one and she had a great time. She MIGHT have been a little too young to have been given a huge bin of beans as they ended up all over the floor, but it was fun while it lasted!

Pouring Station

I’d only do this one if you have an area that isn’t carpeted, or if you can be outside, but our little lady LOVES water play. The different pouring options are great for toddlers and will provide hours of fun.

Puzzle Hunt Sensory Bin

This activity combines two of our daughter’s favorite things: puzzles and playing in messes! You can hide puzzle pieces in rice or beans, or even beads if you have a ton of those laying around. Personally, I think rice and beans are cheaper, but you do you.

Bubble Foam

Honestly, I’d only do this one if my husband was home or if I was 1:1 to help with cleanup. However, the fact that all you need are three “ingredients:”  bubble bath, food coloring and a mixer is a huge bonus. Once you see this stuff you’ll know why toddlers can’t help themselves from playing in it!

Busy Bags & Other Boredom Busting Activities We’ve Tried

I did a few posts awhile ago on the benefits of busy bags and their amazingness for travel. 

You can also use them on rainy or cold indoor days to cure toddler boredom. Check out this post on boredom busting toddler activities for those days you’re cooped up inside. There are images for a DIY card sorter, pipe cleaner threading, and how to make busy bags!

Moon Sand

I can see why this is such a fan favorite of toddlers. It is so light and fluffy and smells great. Our daughter wanted to get it out ALL THE TIME once we made it. Since the only ingredients are flour and baby oil it’s super easy to make. 

Threading Station

This is something that can keep our daughter busy for literally an hour. She LOVES finding different beads and “threads.” While straws and pipe cleaners are one option, you can also get thicker thread and beads if your kiddo is old enough. Since our daughter is three, she loves using the beads and making necklaces. However, once we have an infant crawling around we will probably have to switch back to straws for safety. 

17 Pom Pom Activities for Toddlers

I’m not going to lie, our daughter carried around a bag of poms and called them her “sisters” for months. We finally got her to call them her “pom sisters” which helped when she told people they were in the car. 

DIY Edible Paint

Ok, again, I wouldn’t try this one unless the baby is sleeping or you know you can quarantine the mess, BUT it looks super fun. And you won’t have to worry if you have a young toddler that still puts EVERYLITTLETHING in her mouth. 

While you’re at it, create some DIY Toys for Baby with items you already have at home. As your baby gets older, you’ll already have some sensory items on hand!

Shopping List

While all of the above crafts and activities are easy, you can’t do them if you don’t have supplies on hand. With a new little one who knows if you’ve been to the store this month. Drop some of the supplies below into your Amazon cart and you’ll be all set!

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When you have a baby and a toddler at home you're probably looking for any activities that will keep your toddler occupied. Whether you're nursing or just trying to get things done at the house, these awesome toddler activities will help you with hours of fun for your little one!

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