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The Mamma behind The Mamma’s List

Hi, I’m Carly! Thanks for stopping by to check out my Blog! I’m just a mom trying to get things done and stay caught up as life rushes by. I have a full time job and feel like I spend most of my “free” time at home trying to plan out the next week (or eight). My husband is one in a million – and although he has supported me in everything i’ve ever pursued – says that my lists have lists, and threatens weekly to ban Pinterest from my computer. I’m pretty sure I scare him a little each Friday when I ask if he *wants* to see our list for the weekend. For me, there are few things more gratifying in life than being able to make a check mark beside an item I have on one of my to-do lists.

Who we are

We have one lovely little lady who has just graduated into toddlerhood, and she is what inspired me to create this blog and to start talking about our journey. I’m a marketer by day and DIY/Home Improvement Organizer/ List Maker/Travel Planner/Online Shopper by night. Although our big vacations have slowed down a lot (read: stopped) since we’ve had little lady C, my planning for our vacations has only grown. I’m hoping that as we move beyond the first year our list of travel gear will diminish and we can hit some of the bigger destinations on our bucket list, but in the meantime i’m just going to keep my massive packing list handy.

What I do

I am constantly researching purchases and do a lot of online shopping – and i’m notorious for buying something after hours of said research, receiving it, and then deciding it doesn’t actually meet my needs and sending it back. Aforementioned award winning hubby spends a lot of time at the post office. Since I am a sucker for a good deal and research almost everything I purchase, I decided to spend a little time sharing my stories in hopes that it will cut out some of the legwork for others. Hopefully I’m not alone in this crazy obsession to keep my life organized, my family on track and to get us great things for a reasonable price. I’m constantly in pursuit of improvement – in my house, my wardrobe, or for things that will make our lives better or easier.

What we’ll share

In this blog i’m going to share information on products I love (baby, fashion, home) as well as the organizational tips I use to keep us all on track. I’m a big believer in all things that drive efficiency because I’d rather be spending more time with my family. I’d love to hear about any of your tried and true products or organization hacks as well, so please feel free to connect.



Hope to hear from you soon!

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