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Return & Refund Policies

Please refer to the specific product detail pages for return and refund policies for each item or service. The guidelines below are just that, guidelines. Specific communication on refunds will be on the product detail page.

If you are ever having a problem with one of my products or services, I promise I’ll work with you to make it right.

In general, service consults for one hour are non-refundable, and higher-level service packages for coaching are only refundable after the initial consult or first hour-long session.

Digital products typically have a refund period of 30 days, no questions asked.

Any live webinars or workshops are non-refundable.

Payment & Fees

Payment must be made at the time of purchase for delivery of product or service. Payment is accepted via Paypal and major credit card through Shopify.

Disclosure & Disclaimer Policy

Please note, I am not a medical doctor or certified lactation consultant. All the opinions and statements in this blog and via email and social media should be treated as such. Any health or medical-related topics are only documentation of my experience and are not to be construed as advice.

I recommend that if you or your baby are having actual medical issues, you should consult with your doctor or pediatrician.

My full disclosure and disclaimer policy is located here.