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Track your spending and project your savings growth with
The Ultimate Budget Tracking Workbook

For only $9 you’ll get access to The Ultimate Budget Tracking Workbook, as well as a three-page PDF of instructions + video tutorial to help guide you through the process of saving more money!

This Excel Workbook includes four spreadsheets with tabs to help you uncover deep insights about your spending habits & future financial goals

Tab 1: Actual & Budgeted Expenses 

Tab 2: Variances (Budgeted vs. Actual) 

Tab 3: Retirement Goals 

Tab 4: Percent of Income Trended by Category

What's included in the Ultimate Budget Tracking Excel Workbook?

Budget vs. Actual

The budget versus actual spreadsheet is the information that feeds all your hard work. 

It details your budgeted expenses by category, as well as the actual amount you’re spending each month. Income also goes in this tab, and the output feeds your additional savings rate as well as your trended spending.

But there’s more…

Retirement Goals

Understanding your current expenses is critically important, mainly because it allows you to tackle your big financial goals. The largest financial goal most people will ever have is to one day retire. 

Although the Ultimate Budget Tracking Workbook isn’t a full fledged retirement planner, it includes a spreadsheet that will give you a glimpse into your finances 15 years in the future. It includes:


  • Your current retirement or investment account balances and growth
  • Additional annual savings and growth
  • Captures additional company match to 401k
  • Adjustable rate of return based on your risk or current investment profile (or you can leave my default!)

Where to Adjust

TWO additional spreadsheets provide further insight into your spending and where you can adjust. 

The Variances tab shows you where you overspent in each category (by month). It auto-populates in the spreadsheet once you’ve input your budget and actual expenses. This allows you to find out where you might have gone off track.

The % of Income Trended tab shows what percent of your total expenses are by category. If you realize you’re spending 50% of your total expense budget on food, something needs to change! This tab shows you how your spending changes over time, where you’re winning, and where you might still need some help.

You CAN take control of your finances. This excel tool will help!

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you worried about your finances but feel like it’s too confusing or too hard to actually try to figure them out?
  • Do you have no idea how to track your spending over time? You’re lucky if you look at your credit card transactions monthly.
  • Do you think that the only people who really understand their finances are financial nerds?  And it’s too confusing for people like you?
  • Do you really want to hit your financial goals, but don’t have a great way to track where your money is going?


You’re not alone! While I’ve always been passionate about personal finance, for so long I really had no idea WHERE my money was going. It came in and out every month, and we were saving, but I had no idea what was actually happening to what was going out. 

The good news is, I finally found a system that works. Just by using a tracking spreadsheet and knowing that we were spending too much on food, I was able to cut $500-600 a month from our food bill. And that’s not the only place we adjusted. 

If you put in the work, you WILL find out where you money is going. And how you can bring it back. 

Tracking your expenses does require some work each and every month. But, if you commit to putting in the time to see where your money is going, you can save big-time.  


Do you have a big financial goal that you’re not sure how to tackle? A new house? College savings? A family vacation? You can have these things once you take control of your finances and find places to save. And it starts with understanding. That’s what you’ll get with The Ultimate Budget Tracking Workbook. 

 The best news is, it’s risk free. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I  always want you to be happy with your purchase and our content. So I’m removing all the risk.

If you’re not 100% satisfied – I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Just email me within 30 days.

This is literally a RISK FREE purchase.



Yes! I know how busy you are! The beauty of the workbook is that I’ve populated all the formulas for you. All you need to do is type in your own information in the highlighted cells in grey or blue. The rest is auto generated. Easy peasy. I also spelled out everything in the introduction and instructions. If you can read and type in numbers, you can use the workbook. 




The Ultimate Budget Tracking Workbook is a tool to help you save even more. By truly understanding your finances you’re able to hone in on areas that need work, while putting less focus where you’re already successful.  For the amount of time it would take you to create your own workbook, I found it was worth at least double the cost. BUT there’s always the money back guarantee if you’re still hesitant. It’s truly risk free!


NO! This is a workbook that will help you track your expenses by category AFTER you’ve sorted the line items. You can sort your expenses into categories manually or with a software. I use Quicken but if you don’t want to buy anything else you can do it manually as well. I explain how in the instructions! 


Email with your questions and I’ll get back to you ASAP.