top 5 toddler gifts for 12-18 months

5 Amazing Toddler Gifts (12-18 Months)

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Hi friends! Like I mentioned in my Ultimate Infant Gift Guide, I had NO IDEA what to get little ones for the holidays or their birthday until I had a baby of my own. Here are some of the top toys we’ve loved since my daughter’s first birthday that are great toddler gifts.

These items will keep them engaged and learning – without breaking the bank! Of course, she has more than five toys, but I really wanted to recommend the ones she consistently comes back to.

If we haven’t used them for more than a few weeks they didn’t make the list. Who needs another toy that will live in a closet the day after it’s opened? After significant review, we’ve come up with our top five toys for 12-18-month-olds. Feel free to leave me a comment if I missed your favorite!

This post probably contains affiliate links. That means if you buy something using one of my links I may receive a small commission – at no additional cost to you! How cool is that? It’s kind of boring, but feel free to read my full disclosure if you want more info.

The top 5 toddler gifts your toddlers are sure to both love and learn from

If you’re in a hurry and don’t feel like searching the internet for hours to find a fantastic (and budget-friendly) gift for the toddlers in your life, look no further. The Melissa & Doug Wooden Animal Magnets are sure to be a hit. They’re really fun for toddlers to play with, and will help your little one learn animal sounds and colors. Bonus points: you can usually snag them for under $10.

✔️ Our favorite toddler gift: Melissa & Doug Animal Magnets

Little lady has been practicing her animal noises since right before a year and could tell us the sounds of basic animals fairly early on. What impressed me about these magnets was how excited she got, and how quickly she learned the sounds of all the animals. Within just a couple of weeks, she could make all the sounds – and find the animal requested! This was one of the first times I was able to actually SEE her learning, and it was amazing.

Bubble Wands

Bubbles have become a HUGE hit at our house after the 16-month mark. She probably liked them a lot before then, but by the time she could point them out and say “bubble” it’s been a battle to put down the wand! This is an entertaining gift that your favorite toddler will definitely enjoy.

The wands are particularly cool because you can tape them to a post or fence and voila, no more spills! Don’t forget to get the big pack for when friends come over.

Fisher-Price Stack & Roll Cups

We’ve had these for awhile, but C mainly banged on them or pulled them over when she was younger. Now she loves locking the cups to make balls and is more interested in fitting the pieces together. The ball on top also rattles, which is so much fun to shake!

You can use this toy for so many learning activities. The sensory exploration for infants converts into fine motor development and learning colors for toddlers. This is definitely one that will last the test of toddlerhood.

Hape Color & Shape Wooden Block Sorter

This block sorter is great because it allows the child to practice shapes as well as colors while working on dexterity. The blocks are fun to play with when toddlers are younger, and our daughter was able to correctly sort them by ~17 months.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn – Smart Stages Puppy

Ok, this one I can’t promise will be a parent’s best friend, but this singing dog has been so much fun for our little. She gets so excited to sing songs with her friend and loves that we’ll also sing along if she wants to dance.

The different stages keep things interesting so you aren’t listening to the EXACT. SAME. THING. For 30 minutes in a row. This is a fan favorite, so while I can’t promise quiet, it is something the kids in your life will love.

Looking for an awesome toddler gift? We never knew what to get for each age range. Check out these top tips for toddler gifts for kiddos from 12-18 months. They're all toddler tested and mom approved to last more than a week!

I focused on items that weren’t heavy on “singing plastic” and that my daughter has enjoyed for many months. All the items above are kid-tested and mom-approved! I hope this takes some of the stress out of your Holiday season. Happy shopping!

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