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The right infant stroller to make baby’s first year a breeze

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Does choosing an infant stroller feel overwhelming? Are you worried you’ll make the wrong choice and spend a ton of money on something you don’t like? On top of all the other items you have to pick out, there are literally hundreds of models of strollers to choose from. Some of them are REALLY expensive.  Before I started my registry I had no idea how much a stroller cost. I was for sure that the $300 stroller I registered for was an absurd cost. Definitely as expensive as it could get. Boy was I wrong. I did a lot of research into the strollers we bought and feel pretty confident about the three I’m recommending. Check out three options for a  great “all purpose” stroller, a travel stroller, and what I believe is the Mercedes equivalent of baby travel.

This post probably contains affiliate links. That means if you buy something using one of my links I may receive a small commission – at no additional cost to you! How cool is that? It’s kind of boring, but feel free to read my full disclosure if you want more info.


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Having the right stroller can be the difference between an easy outing and stress with an infant. Check out the very best baby strollers to get you through baby's first year. A main stroller and travel stroller are a must if you'll be on the move! Click through to read more about which brands you'll love.

Our Awesome Everyday Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT

We bought the Baby Jogger City Mini GT as our everyday stroller due to the good reviews and one-handed close. After two years of use, I can definitely recommend it as a great option.

Why we love it:

  • The one-handed close is AWESOME and is definitely a reason to buy this infant stroller. I could lug this thing out of the car, unhook the latch and have it opened while holding my infant. The same scenario to close. You pull the handle and voila, it folds right in half. Yes, it’s heavy to close with one hand while holding a baby, but I was looking for function, not a miracle.
  • It handles really well and easily swivels to maneuver inside doors, etc. Although it is longer and more bulky than our umbrella stroller, it is actually easier to navigate.
  • The large canopy with peek-a-boo flaps allowed me to look down and see if my little one was sleeping or awake. A main concern I had when moving away from our infant caddy was that she’d be facing away from me. This alleviated that concern, but if you prefer the option for baby to face you I’d look into the UppaBaby Vista (below).
  • The wheels are great for suburban neighborhoods or a little off-road terrain. I never took the stroller on a hike or anything, but we definitely went on the grass, into playgrounds, and off the beaten path.
  • It has a five-point harness and she fit in it well when we started using it at six months. It also had really good shock absorption and I felt like she was well supported on our walks.

What’s not to love

No stroller is perfect, so I’ll give you two “cons” to think about. I still felt like this was our best option for the money, but these may be things for you to consider:

  • The stroller is really sturdy (providing that good shock absorption) and therefore isn’t really light. It’s lighter than some of the other nice options. However, it isn’t something you’ll just toss around with one hand on top of the other 15 things in your trunk. It takes up some room.
  • The basket under this stroller is small. It is probably average size but after being used to the KeyFit Caddy, it felt like a downgrade. Although I’m calling it a con it can fit a few decent sized items, a blanket, diapers, wipes, etc. but you won’t be able to put your whole diaper bag underneath. Another reason I’m in lust with the UppaBaby Vista is that HUGE basket.

Hands down must have for travel

Summer Infant 3D Lite Umbrella Stroller

I absolutely recommend getting an umbrella stroller if you plan to travel. We didn’t want to check our Baby Jogger under a plane, and also knew we wouldn’t have as much space to store a stroller when traveling. We’ve loved the Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller as our infant stroller for travel as it is super lightweight and still has a sun canopy and five-point harness. It’s also significantly cheaper than the Baby Jogger so if something happens to it in transit you won’t be as crushed.

We went on our first trip when little lady was seven months old, and we wouldn’t have felt comfortable putting her in a stroller with just a lap band. This infant stroller includes a five-point harness, which was just what we needed. I also loved morning walks when she was young, so the sun protection was a huge bonus. It handles well and has a cup holder (yay) but I can definitely tell the difference between this and the Baby Jogger. I’d only recommend it as your primary stroller if you don’t need a one-handed open/close and don’t plan on going on frequent long walks. It’s held up incredibly well after multiple plane rides so I’d give it an A+ for the price.

The Splurge

Uppababy Vista

And now for my wish list stroller. If you have anyone in your family who really wants to get you a Cadillac baby gift, here is your chance. I haven’t had the pleasure of owning this bad boy, but will tell you a little about why I wanted it so badly.

  • The storage basket is huge. Literally insanely big. You can fit shopping bags, groceries, a diaper bag and maybe a small puppy under there. I haven’t seen a bigger basket on any other stroller. Period.
  • There are multiple configuration options for baby in this stroller. You can configure it so baby faces you or faces outward, which was something I intensely missed when transitioning from our Keyfit Caddy into the Baby Jogger City Mini GT.
  • You can add on a rumble seat for a second child. This alone makes it worth it to invest in a more expensive stroller if you plan on having children close in age.
  • You can add on a “skateboard” for a third or older child.
  • Large wheels for a smooth ride.
  • It comes with all the accessories (bassinet, rain/insect guard, etc.) that are add ons with many other higher end stroller models — like the Baby Jogger City Select.
    • I can’t do a comparison between the Uppababy Vista and the Baby Jogger City Select, but a lot of people have done them. Google it if you’re interested in stroller options for two children and want to compare the two. From what I noted, if you end up adding on everything to the City Select you get very close to the UppaBaby price, so if you want all the bells and whistles it’s a much closer comparison.

Why we love them

There are many different models out there to fit every family’s needs. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is a great all-purpose infant stroller and a fantastic option in the mid-tier price range. While you can get many cheaper umbrella and travel strollers, the Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller has specific benefits. Notably, a five-point harness and sunshade, which most others lack – and it’s still super cost effective. I’ve coveted the UppaBaby Vista for months and would definitely consider getting it if we have another child. Although it’s pricier, it’s a great option for two (or even three) children and has a phenomenally sized storage basket underneath as well as multiple options for positioning your baby.

All of these strollers are mom-approved and have great reviews online. I hope you find one that suits your needs and budget. Feel free to email me with any specific questions!

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